Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Decade of the Pilgrims Trail

New Year: New hope: New challenges. Welcome to 2011.
Next week we have the first Board meeting for the Foundation for the year and we will look at the draft Management Plan that Colin Ingram has produced. We will also be looking to increase the size of the Board to broaden the skills base we need so that we can create a world class Trail.
Then its "hitting the road". Colin and I will be meeting again with all the relevant Cities, Shires, Government Departments and land holders to gain their support for the next stage, which should bring us close to finalization.
Its going to be a busy time and we will appreciate all the support that you can give us. Any suggestions or inspirations that you may have will also be gratefully received.
To all our supporters, their families and friends, may you have a wonderful, exciting and adventurous New Year.

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