Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Northern Alignment

Although I haven't posted anything for November, it has in fact,been a very busy time with trail walks and meetings. Maggie, Colin and I have walked almost all of the new northern alignment, and even though the weather has been fairly hot, the walking has been excellent. From the picture you can see that as well as beautiful scenery, we also discovered busy bees hard at work on the edge of the forest area! There were also reminders of how tough life is in the bush with ample remains of our marsupial friends and the active presence of snakes and lizards! For those with an "avian bent", the bird life is fairly awesome as well!
We had a meeting amongst ourselves in order to see where we need to involve others with specific skills to help further the aims of the Pilgrim Trail: and we had a fascinating meeting with representatives of the defense force, as part of the new alignment follows their boundary fence. The people we met with were most helpful in bringing us "up to speed" with their needs, and general discussion produced ideas on the mid to long term future of the land and our Trail.
Colin is now working on the "Master Plan" that he hopes to have ready in the next couple of weeks: and then its meetings, meetings, meetings!
With the season of Advent just around the corner, its a good time to remember that the first Christmas began with Joseph and Mary taking a long trail walk to Bethlehem: they eventually found a good site for the night and since then the whole world hasn't stopped celebrating it all! May this Christmas be your best ever, but spare a thought for all those less fortunate than ourselves, who are still doing it tough on their particular Trails!

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