Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peace and quiet

Well, that's how its been since I last posted: we're in that holding pattern before the announcement of the Funding Applications we have put in. Hopefully, we will have some news by the end of July so that we can maintain the momentum. There are now a lot of people who have heard of the Trail and thin that it's already up and running: it's frustrating to have to tell them that, yes, the trail is there, but there are no signs, no Web page and no brochures! But we're patient and confident that all will be well in the end.
Yesterday I met with Barni and Jacqui at Bindoon who are doing great things to promote their area - the Northern Valleys Region. The Pilgrim Trail will pass through this region in its last 50kms and it is so good to know that there is such a level of enthusiastic support in the community.
We also met with an informal group in the Education Department to "throw around" ideas as to how the Pilgrim Trail could feature in school curricula: this was a very productive discussion and one that we will pursue once the Trail is more formally established.