Monday, April 14, 2014

One door closes, another one opens

Its been a long time coming but things have started to move past the "ready, steady ..." to the "go" for our Trail!

We have been frustrated by long delays from certain quarters, but following some "intervention" this appears to have been resolved and we have now established great cooperation with that entity and are hopeful of completion in access agreements in the next couple of weeks.

On the flip side, access to the CAC in Bindoon has been withdrawn by the new operating authority the Edmund Rice Education Authority. This comes after four years of fantastic understanding with the school principals, the farm manager and staff at the College, and the PTF thanks the College Community for their past enthusiasm. However, the powers that be have decided that we can no longer use that route so an alternative has been sought .... and found ... and found to be EVEN BETTER!

We are very excited about the new route as it does away with the need for prior permissions to cross private land. It also extends the walk by about another 15 to 20 km making it an even greater walk than before!

We are currently in the process of exploring the route, marking it and photographing it too.

Finally: in the next few weeks we will be moving to our new Webpage which is currently being built. So keep an eye out for
its going to be fantastic.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pilgrims Trailhead launch

Pilgrims Trailhead launch

This report is from Lynne Ward from the City of Subiaco who was kind enough to pen it for me as I have been overseas for some weeks. 

"The launch of the Pilgrims Trail trailhead, the starting point of the new heritage walking trail between Subiaco and New Norcia, was officially launched by the Mayor of Subiaco, Heather Henderson on Sunday 8 December 2013. The trail now stretches some 170 kilometres from Subiaco to the monastery town of New Norcia in the north-eastern wheat belt. 

The marked trail has been initiated and developed by the Pilgrims Trail Foundation and takes its inspiration from the extraordinary life of Benedictine monk Dom Rosendo Salvado, the founder of the New Norcia Benedictine monastery, who walked between Subiaco and New Norcia on many occasions during his 54 years at New Norcia.
A QR code etched on a small plaque located at the trailhead links to the Pilgrim Trail Foundation blogsite.

The trailhead for this walk was developed by the Pilgrims Trail Foundation in partnership with the City of Subiaco and St Joseph’s Subiaco and is located in the newly named Piazza Salvado forecourt at St Joseph’s Subiaco, 3 Salvado Road, Subiaco".