Thursday, February 10, 2011

Applications for funding

March is almost here and that means, not only that Easter is just around the corner, but also that it's deadline time for getting funding applications in. We need significant funding so that we can actually get some markers on the ground and be able to tell the story of the Pilgrim Trail. Our "Rolls Royce" scenario with all the signage, shelters, website, publications and support necessary to establish a world class trail, means that we are looking to raise over $400,000. For that reason we are approaching our dear benefactors Lotterywest to once again support our endeavor: we are also applying for grants from DEC and Royalties for Regions, both of whom have indicated that our enterprise does fall within their guidelines -so fingers crossed!
After a recent Board meeting we have also decided to approach the private sector to seek funding there too; and I have been encouraged by the positive response received so far. At this stage we have a submission in with one local mining company and we are looking to present another submission to a large financial institution too. It is one of the great benefits of working on such a project, that I have been amazed and delighted by the number of people of good will who are so enthusiastic in their support. If there is one person who personifies this level of enthusiasm and encouragement, it is Mike Foley the CEO of the City of Swan. He oversees and massive organization and yet finds time to discuss with us our proposals and seek to accommodate our wishes as best he can: thanks Mike!!
The downside - and there is always a downside in life - is that we have to fill out "Forms"!!! And boy, do some of these forms bewilder me! Coming from a medical background and having to answer environmental questions in "government speak" is beyond my current expertise: so if anyone wants to volunteer to help......