Sunday, October 31, 2010

Almost there......

Last weekend, having met so many friendly flies the previous weekend, Maggie and I decided to re-acquaint ourselves with some of their myriad cousins a bit further north!
We began our trek from Calingri Rd and headed south along the buffer zone next to the Military Training area. There's a clear trail next to the fence that borders the farm land on the west side of the buffer zone, and walking is pretty easy. If you're into paleontology, there are plenty of skeletal remains to examine - too our untrained amateur eyes, they seemed to be of the marsupial variety!
We made it down almost to half way before we had to return to our car: but the signs are promising.
At the southern end of this track there is a boundary fence on the Dewars Pool Rd stating that entry is only at the permission of the owners: at the northern end, it's open access: another mystery to solve!
IF we can make use of this trail, then we have good track all the way from Chittering Rd to 5ks short of New Norcia and that's so much better than 45kms along the highway!
To see the trail go to:

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