Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another link in the chain

After a productive board meeting recently, Maggie and I set out to have a look at part of an alternative to the Great Northern highway north of Bindoon. The result was very exciting!
Instead of heading up to where Chittering Road meets the Highway, we turned right into Julimar Rd and then into Julimar Forest along the western boundary road: this goes due north, though you would never pick it as it meanders through the edge of the forest and is great to walk.
It crosses Flat Rock Rd and then touches the end of Stephens Rd before turning into Northern Boundary Rd and thence Dewars Pools Road! If we can now walk through the buffer zone alongside the Military area, then we reach the lower end of Old Plain Rd and - hey presto - we're into New Norcia without touching the highway - and the trail that we walked was outstanding: a fantastic complement to the first 4 days.
It does add some kilometers, but they're well worth it!
This just gets better and better: please keep your fingers crossed that the next link in the chain falls into place too!
To see the route go to:

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