Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day 2011

I've just listened to Michael Parkinson giving an Australia Day talk on the ABC, and what he said re-enforced in me what a truly astonishing country we live in! On one level we seem to be waiting for things to "get better", and yet this small country has made astonishing strides since settlement began in the eighteenth century: just imaging what the next 200 years will bring! Here in WA we have wide blue skies, the freshest of air, the awesome ocean; the stark, harsh beauty of the bush and endless resources fueling a booming economy. We have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to: we should be jumping up and down for joy to be here in this great State.
In 200 years time, there will be towns and villages leading up to New Norcia along the Pilgrims Trail. There will be cafes and restaurants, pubs and comfy B&Bs for the weary travelers: and there will be thousands of Pilgrims using the Pilgrims Trail. Why? Because one thing that seems innate in our humanity is the desire to seek a connection with the sacred and the spiritual, and the Pilgrims Trail gives walkers that opportunity to take time out and review, renew and reconnect with their inner self.
So this Australia Day: dare to be excited about, and for, our wonderful country. Write down your dreams: make that your first step towards making them a reality. I hope that helping bring the Pilgrims Trail to completion will be on your list: its definitely on mine!

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