Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pilgrims Progress: linking it all together

There has been a tremendous response to the Camino program on ABC with almost 50 applications to join the two Camino Salvado pilgrimages that follow the Pilgrim trail. Whilst this is very encouraging, we do have to remember that the Trail is still very much a work in progress. At this stage, although there is a theoretical path out of Walyunga Park to Lower Chittering, in reality there is no trail there: Stock Road may appear on the maps, but it has never been constructed and at present, its just wild bush and a few fences! The City of Swan is looking into creating an emergency fire route that we could use as a track, but that may take several months.
Also, for those who wish to walk the route themselves, there are no shelters or camping grounds once you leave the environs of Perth or Bindoon, and public transport out of New Norcia can be as frequent as Halley’s Comet!! In other words, anyone planing to walk the Trail needs to think about overnight transport to take them to places where they can stay and transport to bring them back to Perth from New Norcia. In our next round of funding applications, we will be looking at providing shelters at appropriate sites for those who wish to walk the Trail unaided.
We will also be looking at ways of how to best learn the Histories and Spirituality of the areas the Pilgrims Trail passes through. One suggestion has been to use local WiFi networks that can be picked up on iPhones etc: all suggestions would be most appreciated!
Thanks for all your support and encouragement: and please keep the feedback coming: it really does make a difference!

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