Monday, April 5, 2010

ABC Compass Program

The Compass program went to air on Good Friday and the critics verdict is that it was fantastic: the winner of the Oscar for the best visuals goes to the Pilgrim Trail which was show-cased superbly!! If you missed the program you can click on the following link and watch it online:
Even without promoting the Camino Salvado Pilgrimage that follows our trail from St Josephs Church in Salvado Rd, Subiaco, they have already had well over a dozen applications for the walks later in the year: and these are people from just about every State in Australia: in other words, the Pilgrims Trail is now a National Identity! And all in under one year: that’s some achievement to be proud of. But there is still so much to do and improve upon, and we need your help and your input because a trail needs people: and we need you to help us to help them have a memorable experience.
If anyone is interested in joining the St Joseph’s Camino Salvado later this year, then click on the following link to find out more:

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