Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pilgrims Progess: back from holidays

They say that travel broadens the mind: but they omitted to say that jet lag dulls it once you get home!
We've just returned from 3 weeks visiting family in the UK and Ireland, and also noting that there are some fantastic walks in both countries. We took the easy option and drove through the Cheddar Gorge which was very impressive and well used by local hikers. Talking with old friends who walk the Moors in northern UK, one was reminded of how lucky we are with the weather in this country: they spoke of the rain-proof gear they have to use because of the machine-gun like effect of the rain in the howling winds they often have to endure! But still, on a sunny day in summer, they really are the "Blessed Isles".
Before we went away, I had very useful meetings with the City of Perth, the Swan River Trust and the Shire of Chittering talking about the Pilgrim Trail and how to develop appropriate signage and how to improve the Trail.
For all potential walkers, please remember, until we get funding THERE IS NO SIGNAGE ON THE CURRENT ROUTE. The Pilgrim Trail is still in development, and it will be some time before we can declare it "officially open". However, there is goodwill all around, and though progress is slow: there IS progress and we WILL succeed. We await the results of our application for funding from the Lotteries Commission so that we can appoint a Trails Consultant to advance the process.
If anyone would like to become involved with the Pilgrim trail, we would love to hear from you

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