Monday, August 1, 2011

Waiting Game

We have had official confirmation that we were successful in our grant application to Lotterywest. This means that Colin Ingram, our trails consultant can finish the work on the alignment and all that entails. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in our application to DEC: but hopefully the money will have gone to projects worthy of their funding. Finally, we are still holding our breath and hoping that Royalties for Regions will help expand our communications in the rural sector, which is so vital for the success of the Trail.

On the weekend, a group of us walked through Julimar Forest, and it was wonderful. The wildflowers are just beginning to come into bloom and the adjacent farmland is a glorious green: all the creeks were running and the trail itself is excellent walking: but there are a couple of steep hills that make you stop, get your breath and enjoy the views.

This is an awesome trail!

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