Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waiting for News

After the final flurry of intense activity, we submitted Grant applications to Lotterywest, DEC and Royalties for Regions: we are also hoping to make presentations to Bank West and Bauxite Resources for foundation sponsorships. We will naturally be seeking funding from any appropriate source and would welcome your feedback and advice on any such approaches.
In the meantime, whilst attending my fathers 90th birthday celebrations in Vienna, Maggie and I took the opportunity of a gentle cycle ride from Prague back to Vienna: but it didn't quite turn out as we expected!! Mountain biking in remote Moravia has its charms, but for a couple of grandparents, it also had some incredible challenges! But we survived and in retrospect we are so happy we took up the challenge: it also highlighted the fact that if you have a Trail, then you need to set it up well, provide precise information about it and provide signage/maps/GPS that are current and accurate. It has shown me that although our progress towards a permanent trail can sometimes appear to be glacial, we are in fact trying to achieve Best Practice and create the best possible Trail for all users, and this takes time.

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