Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Since we completed the Camino a couple of weeks ago, life has been hectic in the flow on effect.
Colin, Maggie, Ean and myself have reviewed the trail and found possible camping sites along the way which is very exciting: so it’s back to relevant Shires to continue the conversation with them.
Also, the sheer enthusiasm from the walkers after walking the 22kms along Old Plain Road and not on the Highway has renewed our vigor to find the elusive alternative that will take us from Bindoon to New Norcia a long way away from albeit friendly, yet scary truckies!! We have identified a number of possible routes and are in negotiations with the relevant authorities: it all just takes time, but we’re not in a hurry – we just want to do it well!
Thank you to those who have dropped me emails, keep them coming as I really appreciate them.

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