Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pilgrims Progress

It's been a busy week and more of it to come. I met with Dianne and Bruce Pope who are very keen to offer "refuge" to walkers as they go through the Chittering Vally. Dianne and Bruce have a heritage property near Blue Plains road that would be an excellent spot to have morning tea or an early lunch as you walk on to Bindoon. It also made us think about the future placement of resting points for walkers along the route. This was a subject that we raised at a meeting in Bindoon later in the week with a group of interested parties from the Shire of Chittering, the Shire of Victoria Plains, the DSR and New Norcia.
The meeting was principally about looking at alternatives to the Great Northern Highway north of Bindoon: and it's a big challenge! However, although there is no obvious solution, we are planing meetings with local land-holders to let them know what we are planing and to find out from them what is possible: whatever happens, it will raise awareness of the Trail locally and give us an opportunity to share our experiences.
Several other practical issues were discussed and the level of enthusiasm and support continues to amaze and encourage me!
Maggie and I then traveled onto New Norcia where we had a bite to eat at the Hotel and then had a delightful chat with Camel Ross, the CEO of New Norcia. I now have no doubt that we need to inform all walkers that if they intend to stay in New Norcia, then they will have to plan their trips well in advance: New Norcia is not equipped for casual "drop ins": there is no alternative accommodation: and public transport out the village is very infrequent! In other word, like all good trail walking, everything needs to be planned, down to the last detail, and that includes accommodation and transport, as well as good boots of course!

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